Death: Father and Daughter

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Daddy! Why did it have to be me?

Can you imagine what life has been for me since that tragic october morning in 2004 when you took your last breathe in my arms. I held you daddy, you died in my arms daddy…  why me daddy????

I was only 24, I didnt know much and yet there you lay leaving all your  responsibilities on me…

I now undrstand how Mummy and you must have gotten on so well… you were both ostriches… there was always somebody else to clear up your mess, unfourtunately for me,,, its was and still is ME…

Who is praying for me???

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Mom! Is it you? Surely somebody that’s not me has been praying for me. I will be 40 next year, I have prayed, fasted and beleived, the only constant is I never stopped believing. One thing I wrote over and over again was, I wonder what an answered prayer looks like!

Im here to testify that it feels so darn good!!!! The children are well tucked in, a roof over our heads,healthy dinner in their tummy and no dirty dishes at the sink.  Over and beyond this is the beautiful  view! God you heard me! I wanted the view, I wanted peace and most of all I wanted love.

This is a love note to anyone out there praying for me.. It works!!!! Prayer really moves mountains.

Valid Dreams


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That Nagging feeling that just wont let you go! That recurring idea, night and day, it just wont leave you alone.
wake up, get up, write it down, put it out into the universe and then watch it manifest because Dreams are Valid!

New Beginnings

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There is always something therapeutic about looking out at the lake; the stillness and how small it makes one feel. In exactly 50 days time, we shall bid 2019 farewell and as I sit out here,taking in the beautiful view it is impossible not to look back and wonder if anything on the 2019 resolution list has been achieved.

Hello world!

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